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Gilroy English has been a Commissioner for the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission since November 2012.

He has been an Attorney-At-Law for over 15 years, with experience in both Corporate and Civil laws. He was the Director of Legal and Enforcement for the National Environmental & Planning Agency (NEPA) for 9 years, and has vast knowledge of Regulatory matters.

His areas of speciality include Regulatory Compliance and Risk Assessment, Litigation (Civil & Criminal), Industrial Relations, Legal Research and Conveyance (Commercial and Private Developments and Acquisitions) and Insolvency Law (personal and corporate).


-Environmental Regulatory Compliance and Risk Assessment, Litigation (Civil &Criminal), Industrial Relations, Legal Research and Real Estate (Commercial and Private Developments and Acquisitions), Insolvency Law (personal and corporate).

-Legal Research, Litigation, Personal Injury

-Bankruptcy, Intellectual Property, Corporate Law Negotiation, Real Estate Environmental Awareness, Legal Advice, Commercial Litigation, Risk Assessment, Civil Litigation, Legal Writing, Courts Mediation, Dispute Resolution, Contract Negotiation, Legal Assistance, International Law Appeals Arbitration, Corporate Governance.