Family Pride Limited


Family Pride Limited

Shop 4 Havendale Plaza Kingston 19 Jamaica



Family Pride Ltd is a family run entity that is located in Kingston Havendale. We are the suppliers of rodex Refelctive Thermal Insulation as well as Wall & Ceiling Panels (available in 5 patterns).

Prodex AD/AP is a cutting edge technology, multi-layer reflective insulation product that reflects back radiant (infrared) energy from the sun so it does not penetrate your home.

The control of radiant heat transfer is the core of climate control. Every unit of radiant heat energy that is reflected away from your home in the hot months enables less use of your air conditioning system, less wear on your equipment, and the less money you pay in electricity bills.

Prodex AD/AP also makes an effective sound barrier in your home. Noises such as traffic, pets and outside conversation can be reduced with proper installation. Prodex AD/AP/APM can also reduce the noise within your home from stereos, washer/dryer, TV, etc., when installed between walls. All new homes should incor porate these Prodex products into their green, energy efficient house plans for both energy savings and sound reduction.