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AUBREY DRAKE GRAHAM | Before They Were Famous EPIC | From 0 to Now

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Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham lived two lives. During the school year, he would be living with his mom in an upscale Toronto neighbourhood. During the summer, he was living with his dad in the rough and tumble streets of Memphis, Tennessee. It was this kind of diversity that gave the shy Canadian kid a unique perspective on life. Longing to share this insight through music, he simply needed the right push from someone experienced. During his father’s incarceration, Drake would be introduced to his cellmate. A man who helped him out that door.

The 2010’s is coming to a close. With the end of every era, it’s only natural we take a look back at what stood out in entertainment. This could mean anything from movies, songs, albums to the entertainers who bring us each. When talking about these celebs, you gotta talk about Drizzy Drake. Since emerging onto the mainstream music circuit around 2009, no celebrity has been quite as prolific as this Toronto rapper. As the man once said himself, “they just mad ’cause they got the Midas Touch”. In many ways, this is true. Pretty much everything he touches, turns to gold… Or should I say platinum.

With five albums, six mixtapes, thirty-five Grammy nods, an OVO record label, his own music festival and several catch phrases to his name, one can only guess what the next decade has in store for Aubrey Graham. #drake #ovo #the6ix