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December 07, 2018







Portland’s Premier Event.
Experience Paradise from December 7-9.
3 Days, 5 parties.
Fire & Ice, Sun Break Pool Party, Infusion Dancehall, Frosted All White Beach Bliss and Revel After Drink Frosted Party.

Portland Paradise Weekend is a movement designed to celebrate the lifestyle, culture and beauty of one of Jamaica’s true treasures. We don’t use the term paradise lightly when referring to this uniquely lush part of the island and home to some of the most exclusive vacation properties in the world.

Is an epic three day event of Fun, Fest, Food and Awareness. It is slated for December 7– 9, 2018 at various landmark sites in Portland Jamaica.

Who We Are . . .

With over 15 years experience in event planning, design, and execution, and ten years of property management expertise Beacon Stride Enterprises is focused on the growth and development of Portland. Our three primary objectives include enhancing Educational Initiatives in Portland, promoting tourism and investor interest in the Parish, and producing high-scale events and entertainment within the Parish.

We have joined forces with Irie Jam Media Group to achieve our goals. With over 24 years of experience in broadcast radio, live event production and promotion and marketing services, Irie Jam Media Group, and its flagship Carbbean radio station Irie Jam Radio 93.5fm WVIP in the New York Metro area is uniquely suited to support this project and provide an essential mix of expertise necessary to ensure successful execution and long term growth.