St Mary Woman’s family Seeks Your Help To Find Her

Posted On: March 21, 2019 | Published in: News

The family of missing St Mary woman, Tiffany Murray, is offering a cash reward for her safe return.

The 27-year-old, who hails from Palmetto Grove, was last seen last Saturday, as she left home to seek a job in St James.

According to her sister Alicia Murray, Tiffany had got information and received a telephone call about a possible job opening at a place named Moonlight Hotel in Montego Bay.

However, Murray said that her sister may have been tricked, as no hotel that matches that name appears to exist in the parish.

“She left home with the intention to do an interview at a hotel in Montego Bay, but she called me later that afternoon after she reach St James to say that she did not get through because the hotel didn’t exist so there was no interview or job opening lined up.

Apparently, she is not the only one who got the call because I spoke to another woman who said she was called but she did not pay it any mind because she already had a job,” she said.

Alicia believes that Tiffany is possibly being held hostage, and is pleading with those responsible for her disappearance to release her so she can reunite with her family.

She stated that it is unlike her sister to go missing or even turn off her cellular phone.

“Tiffany would not just leave her family. She is a devoted Christian and from she call and say she gonna come home and once we don’t see her, we know that something was wrong. She is not the type to turn off her phone. She is an innocent girl and her heart is pure,” she said. “I think she is being held captive somewhere … I really don’t have the feeling that she is dead because we cannot deal with that. If it’s money those who have her want, we are willing to pay it. We just want her back. I don’t know why anyone would want to capture or even harm her because she don’t even know how to speak hard to anyone.”