UPDATE: Zandrea Bailey …We Can’t Forget Her Amazing Smile

Posted On: February 10, 2019 | Published in: News

UPDATE: Zandrea Bailey …We Can’t Forget Her Amazing Smile

A father in mourning had written the eulogy for his deceased daughter and he would read it too. He was supported by a woman listed on the programme as Althea Hinds-Campbell.

At the Ocho Rios Baptist Church in St Ann, Al Bailey told the solemn gathering “I don’t know why I took on this task, but I was compelled.”

It was midway through the thanksgiving service for his 29-year-old daughter Zandrea who died in the United States last month after a seven-year battle with the auto-immune disease, lupus.

Family, friends, and well-wishes of the 2014 Miss Universe Jamaica finalist would hear of Zandrea’s stories of faith, fate and friendships and her fight with the disease that also claimed the life of her mother Sydlyn two years before her own diagnosis.

Bailey said he shared an inseparable bond with Zandrea and it began from she was in the womb.

He recounted how, as a 21-year-old man, he moved back to his mother’s house to “escape” the responsibility after learning that he would become a father.