Otis James Of James and Friends Foundation Goes Homeless for A Day

Posted On: January 12, 2019 | Published in: News

Otis James of the James and Friends foundation decided to go on a ‘fact-finding mission’ of what it is like being homeless. He said the experience has been quite revealing.

James said he has always seen homeless people roaming the streets, and although he gives them a handout from time to time, he never really thought of what it is like to be in their shoes. That was until he disguised himself as one such unfortunate person and decided to hang out on the streets of Mandeville, Manchester, recently.

“Being a homeless street person changed my life a lot. It showed me a different side of things,” said James.
Sharing his experience on the street, James said he was abused, spat at, scorned, and even had water thrown on him.